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The law firm of Muelhausen & Stefani concentrates their law practice in the handling of Illinois workers' compensation claims. For over 30 years, our lawyers have served injured workers and their families in Chicago, Chicago suburbs, and Southern Illinois. Our goal is to help the injured worker obtain the timely payment of lost time and medical benefits and strive to obtain maximum monetary recovery. Our workers' compensation litigation services are focused on each client's goals and we are committed to open communication with a prompt response to ALL telephone calls. We obtain pertinent medical information on your behalf and, if necessary, often seek additional medical opinions to further evaluate the injured worker's claim.

There is no fee for our initial consultation and no fee unless there is a monetary recovery. While our office is located in Burr Ridge, Illinois, we routinely meet with our clients in all areas of Illinois and at hearing locations near the place of your work accident. Our services are strictly focused on Illinois workers' compensation litigation which enables our firm to recover maximum economic benefits for our clients.

You can be almost certain that your employer and insurance company will have attorney representation for your workers' compensation claim. For this reason, we strongly believe it is in your best interest to have a workers' compensation lawyer represent you. This will insure that you are treated fairly and receive the benefits you are entitled to as a result of your work injury.

Visit our FAQ resource page to discover answers to frequently asked workers' compensation questions. Or, give us a call at 1-312-984-3560 to schedule your free consultation.
  • We will meet with you in your area
  • Free initial consultation
  • No recovery-no fee

Contact: 1-800-621-3476 (Illinois Only)
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Muelhausen & Stefani proudly serve Chicago and the Chicago suburbs as well as the Southern Illinois area, including Effingham, Mattoon, Carbondale, Mt. Vernon, Marion, Frankfurt, Harrisburg, Olney, Duquoin, Herrin, Benton, Murphysboro, and more.